Quality Means Staying Local

by Jeff Bull

Time sure does fly. Our first 2 months have been wonderful, and it's been an amazing experience to meet so many new and loyal donut aficionados. Over the past several weeks since opening our doors at Cardigan Donuts, we've fielded many kind responses regarding the donuts, yogurt, oatmeal and coffee available. Equally, we've been hearing great feedback around our packaging. Today, we wanted to highlight the effort and skill that goes into our boxes, cups and presentation.

Our friends at Dick & Jane Letterpress in Minneapolis have put in countless hours of effort and time to make the Cardigan packaging what it is. Each box is hand loaded and stamped by a pedal-driven press.

Our coffee sleeves are no different. They undergo a letterpress as well as a foil stamping. The plates used to press the foil were carved away by hand, giving the final product an authentic, period-correct finish.

We're immensely grateful for the wonderful partnerships we have. Cardigan Donuts believes in quality, and we couldn't craft our experience without amazing high-quality local partners. Keep it local. Keep it fresh. ❤️