The Cardigan Donut Lab™

by Jeff Bull

Cardigan Donuts Opening Day is fast approaching. Before we open our doors to everyone, we were proud to host our first Donut Lab this week. We had a fantastic time, learning a little more about what downtown donut connoisseurs are looking for.

Guests were treated to Blackeye Roasting Co. coffee, a variety of fillings, classic donuts and a taste of what is to come from our Inspired category of donuts. The first Donut Lab gave us plenty of feedback we’ll be applying to the icings on some of our classic donuts. We also received direction regarding our jam-filled bismarcks, and enjoyed a spirited conversation around high-end craft donuts.

Best of all, we feel our first Donut Lab was a great experience. We’ll be building on what we learned and looking forward to our next session with an all-new group of attendees. Make sure you’re on our list for a chance to be invited.