Welcome to Cardigan Donuts

by Jeff Bull

Our team has been working towards this day for a long time. As we open our doors for the first time, we’re thrilled to share with you our vision for warmth and welcome. Fresh, hand-made donuts, yogurt, oatmeal and coffee - all made in-house and crafted with the best ingredients we can get our hands on. We set out to create more than just donuts because we believe fresh greek yogurt and oatmeal are comfort food as well.

Cardigan Donuts is born out of passion for hospitality and a genuine love of the downtown Minneapolis culture. This isn’t a chain restaurant. This is a gathering place, a place for retreat, a place for friendship, a place to get away and a place to get a little work done outside the office. Whether you stay in our living room or take a donut with you, we hope Cardigan Donuts becomes a frequent destination and a place you feel welcome.

Our team is excited to have you. Stop by today and say hello.